Compass is proud to present
The Breadwinner
a new play
by Deborah Ellis

SpringWorks, May 2015

Ontario Trillium Foundation


The Breadwinner
Posted: 2015-01-26 17:24:23

Deborah Ellis' play is based on her beloved novel, The Breadwinner, which has touched the hearts of readers the world over.  Set in Afganistan during the time of the Taliban, it looks at the price children pay for simply being born in a country at war.  When Parvana's mother loses her job and her father is arrested, she disguises herself as a boy in order to earn money and save the family from starvation.  The Breadwinner is a powerful story about loyalty, survival, families and friendship.

The Breadwinner is inspired by Deb’s visits to refugee camps in Pakistan where she heard first hand about the brutal treatment of women and girls under the Taliban. Compass is honoured to bring the Canadian premiere of this story to life on stage at the SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festival, 2015.

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